Review: Petrol generator PATRIOT SRGE 950, 220, 0.8kW.

Review: Petrol generator PATRIOT SRGE 950, 220, 0.8kW.

Petrol generator PATRIOT SRGE 950, 220 V, 0 8kW unpacking start.

I bought a PATRIOT SRGE 950 generator because I needed a constant source of energy in the absence of the sun. For powering sawing and cutting tools. And most importantly, low-power heaters to warm up the house during the renovation.

As it turned out, in addition to these devices, for which I used it and used it, it is also suitable for charging the battery through a transformer charger. And even the work of a computer. At the same time, there are no major failures in work.

And in general, oddly enough, all the devices worked perfectly from the PATRIOT SRGE 950 generator. But there is one but.

All these devices worked in the presence of a constant load in the form of a 300 watt heater. The operation of the generator under load became constant and without surges. The autonomous operation of the generator directly depends on the power that we connect to it..

I connected a 600 watt infrared heater and the battery life was about 5 hours. Here the role of how much the tank is full plays. When connecting a light and other low-power load in the form of a computer, not a laptop! the operating time on the generator at a power of up to 200 times increases significantly, especially in terms of visual fuel consumption.

And the noise of work falls.

Without load, when I connected the transformer charger, the generator had ripples, which did not charge the battery by 24 volts. The driver of the LED lamp also failed. When I connected a constant load and powered everything else, nothing else burned out, and the transformer charger began to issue a charge current towards the battery.

Before that, the value was zero..

Regarding the real power that can be connected to the generator for a long time. Long-term constant power, by connecting devices for different powers, and working with them, amounted to 600-650 watts, which corresponds to that stated in the passport. I used a power tool up to 800 watts, with prolonged use, the protective fuse on the generator knocks out. But you can work for a while.

The tool was also in operation for a long time, and did not fail! Before the first switching on to the load, it is necessary to run the generator at idle speed for 4 hours so that

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the rubbing parts are worn in.

But I recommend that you remove the gas tank and check the pressure to the contact of all wires and terminals, pay attention to the wires on the starting capacitor. Tighten all bolts without fanaticism. And especially pay attention to tightening the screws on the exhaust pipe and cylinder!

And only after that carry out the first start at idle. You cannot turn anything on the carburetor!

Pros – the quality of the signal when connecting a constant load, for a state employee – excellent. – the tool remained intact after working with the generator! – low fuel consumption compared to my foreman for 1000 watts whose hoses are dry and a problem with the crane. – transformer devices work, such as chargers for car batteries and chargers for a screwdriver. but only with a connected constant load of more than 100 watts. – switching sources work without problems, also with an additional load of about 100 watts.

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